Facebook Collected Contacts from 1.5 Million Email Accounts Without Users’ Permission

Facebook today admitted that it “unintentionally” used access to 1.5 millions users’ email accounts and collected email contacts without users’ knowledge and consent.
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The odd case of a Gh0stRAT variant | AT&T Alien Labs

This is a guest post by independent security researcher James Quinn. This will be Part 1 of a series titled Reversing Gh0stRAT Variants. As 2018 drew to a close and 2019 took over, I began to see a different behavior from SMB malware authors.  Instead of massive, multi-staged cryptocurrency miners, I began to see more small, covert RATs serving as partial stage1’s.  Of these samples, there was one specific sample that stood out to me.  A Gh0stRAT variant, this
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